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STEK Automotive is a US based company that develops protective film technology that provides a wide range of solutions to the automotive industry.
STEK Color PPF: Choose Your Color Protect in style, because protection doesn’t have to be boring. At STEK, we’ve combined cutting-edge engineering with striking beauty—turning mere functionality into a masterpiece. Boasting an extensive range of colors and styles, STEK paint protection films offer something more than just safety: the power of choice. With STEK, look further. Shine brighter. And drive forward. #STEKRevolution #ProtectWhatYouLove
At STEK, we’ve always embraced innovation and forward movement. When times change, we adapt—and now, more than ever, we need to rethink protection and customization through the lens of environmental and social responsibility. That’s why we’ve created the STEK colored paint protection films. A revolutionary response to traditional paint, our films are a triumph of engineering. They’re environmentally friendly, offer robust protection against damage for years at a time, and provide a deeper, longer-lasting aesthetic quality that no paint application could ever match.
Let's delve into the history of STEK Thailand by the executive Khun Thitirat Poomsawai. Why Paint Protection Film? How did you get to know brand STEK? STEK Thailand Marketing Style Impact of COVID-19 How are STEK products different from other brands? Overview of STEK Thailand in the next 3 years
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- Hydrophobic Effect prevents water from sticking to the car surface
- Self-Healing, a highly self-healing film that can recover and lean.
- Prevents contamination, prevents dust, chopping boards, intellectual jets, mineral salts and various concentrates.
- TPU Material The film is thick, flexible, not easy to tear. It is also coated with anti-UV and chemical substances, making the color of the film not yellow.
- Extreme High Gloss adds up to 20% shine.
- Pre-cut Software to cut film quickly and accurately Get into every corner by cutting the design from the computer that STEK Automotive owns the software.
- Warranty - Warranty for installation up to 3-7 years.

In-depth Along the way, why invest with STEK Thailand to pay back quickly, sustainably, with less risk?❗️
✅ STEK Automotive is the world's leading car protection leader with a full range of research, manufacture and development from America, making the products acceptable and of high quality.
✅ More than 40 years of experience in developing and producing products in the protective film market and specializing in protection (Shield Technology).
✅ STEK Network has representatives, partners and customers in more than 80 countries around the world.
✅ STEK Academy, whether you have experience or not, you can invest with us because we have various support such as Trainings on the installation of PPF film and Window Film.
✅ STEK Marketing Support To promote sales, we have STEK Pre-cut Software that helps cut the film easily, quickly and more accurately.

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