Watch out for counterfeit STEK products sold by non-authorized distributors!

7 years ago, STEK introduced the DYNO series to the market. Today, it changed the entire protective film industry. As with all successful brands in any industry, you can easily find counterfeit STEK products sold in the market. Today, many forged STEK products are advertised on social networks and sold on Chinese B2B markets like Alibaba. Some countries even reboxed used DYNO packages to resell dishonest low-quality products.

Please be informed that at STEK, we never sell our products online. All genuine STEK products are exclusively distributed offline to our Authorized STEK Distributors. For example, STEK Thailand is the only Authorized STEK Distributor in Thailand. There are many fraudulent shops impersonating to be selling genuine STEK products. However, fabricated products purchased from such shops are not our genuine products and void of warranty.

Please make sure to purchase your products from Authorized STEK Distributors only. For more information on identifying counterfeit STEK products, please visit our website at

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