The special micropolymer networks in our films begin destroying microorganisms on contact.
Screen your tablets, laptops, and other electronics from both germs and prying eyes.
Tactigard contains both silver and copper nanoparticles throughout its layers, which release ions to destroy harmful microorganisms.
Apply Clarivale on screens and glass for next-to-godliness shine.
With PPE Shield, stay protected from whatever comes your way. Designed to block a variety of potential contaminants, our face shield provides maximum coverage and is ideal for use in a wide range of sectors. Featuring a foam headband and flexible PET material, PPE Shield ensures a comfortable fit even with extended use, while its anti-fog sides keep your line of vision crystal-clear.
The STEK smile protector is designed to facilitate easy, natural communication while shielding users against disease transmission. Our protectors feature special micropolymer coatings that quickly destroy harmful microorganisms upon contact, offering robust antimicrobial protection. And thanks to their transparency, your facial expressions remain visible to the people around you, making day-to-day interactions—be they in schools, hospitals, or other crucial settings—feel significantly more human.
The Aerosilver® Fashion Mask quickly destroys 99.9% of MRSA, Staphylococcus, and other dangerous pathogens, offering robust protection against infectious disease. Unlike other antimicrobial masks, Aerosilver®’s specialized zirconium-silver compound is infused directly into the fabric’s fibers, increasing durability and reducing the risk of skin irritation.
Smile Shield’s lightweight structure makes extended use easy and comfortable. Designed to improve public health in a variety of settings, the ultralight plastic is highly unlikely to break or shatter. Its simple yet sturdy construction reduces the risk of damage or component loss, while its antimicrobial coating actively guards against contamination and infection.
Active Comfort is ready for any activity-anytime, anywhere. From casual jogging to high-intensity sports, Active Comfort enhances performance and endurance thanks to its unique sweat-absorbing features. By quickly wicking sweat away from the face, our mask eliminates fog and moisture, keeping you comfortable on the move.
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