"End of the long-awaited special interview with Dr. Yui Kanchita Chimsiri.
The CEO who embodies beauty, wealth, intelligence, and the distinction of being Thailand's first female Ferrari racer."
"End of waiting for the special interview with Dr. Yui Kanchita Chimsiri, the CEO of the beautiful, wealthy, talented, and well-educated lady, the first Thai female Ferrari racer. Today, STEK Thailand takes you to a relaxing chat while admiring the luxury car collection in what they call the Garage, with a total car value of over 100 million! Just the thought of having anyone or anything around them that might scratch the cars makes one's hair stand on end. So today, we brought together Professional Installers from all regions of Thailand to invade Dr. Yui's grand garage and protect her beloved cars. As for the products chosen by our beautiful Ferrari racer, stay tuned to find out.

The beautiful and talented lady, holder of the title "Cinderella of Thailand," the first Thai woman to compete in the Ferrari Challenge worldwide for over a decade! Today, STEK Thailand meets the stunning Dr. Yui-Kanchita Chimsiri, owner of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a powerful supercar worth more than 40 million Thai Baht!

"Dreams come true," Dr. Yui said about being the first Thai female racer in the Ferrari 488 Challenge Racing Asia Pacific. After our conversation while working in her grand garage, the atmosphere, trophy presentation, and numerous souvenirs made it clear that Dr. Yui is a woman who adores speed, with determination, passion, and physical dedication that has led her to win trophies in almost every racetrack worldwide.

Ferrari holds a special place in the heart of supercar enthusiasts. In this interview, Dr. Yui shares her insights. STEK is proud to be selected as one of the supporters to take care of her favorite car. Let it be known that we've gathered professional installers from all over the country to travel and install films on Dr. Yui's cars at her grand garage.

Dr. Yui not only excels as a world-class racer but also holds the title of Mrs. International 2016, reigning as a beauty queen in China. Therefore, when it comes to self-care, including taking care of her cars, she chooses only the best. Dr. Yui-Kanchita Chimsiri plays an important role with STEK THAILAND, and soon, we will get to see it together."

DYNOShield + DYNOFlex

The ultimate in car protection for your beloved vehicle. This powerful duo conquers every curve, just as Ferrari racers do. Now available with nationwide installation.

Special Promotion: Buy 1 Get 1 Free from STEK Thailand.

Full installation of DYNOShield for free!!
DYNOFlex front windshield safety film valued at 18,000 Baht included.

"The latest offering from STEK Automotive USA: the premium product, STEK DYNOchrome. This unique and exceptional product reflects the unparalleled luxury of high-end automobiles. Its unmatched colors and comprehensive protection features introduce a new era in automotive paint protection. Explore these premium products now at STEK product distributors worldwide."
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